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'Seher- A New Beginning' is an initiative taken by mPower Connexions to resurrect life and livelihood of displaced migrant workers facing extreme hardships during the pandemic lockdown.

Inclusive socio-economic growth through mentoring, vocational skilling, connecting and bringing more and more able and capable people in the mainstream economic activity.

Achievements/ Activities:
No class or strata of society has remained unaffected during the 2020 onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic. The hardships are more poignant and troublesome in the underprivileged class where the fight is to rebuild collapsed livelihood, or find an alternative source to simply manage daily sustenance and everyday meal.

'Seher' a Persian origin word means early dawn or day break. Our new initiative endeavours to enable and herald the beginning of a new day in the lives of few such adversely affected people.

Our success story has been the development of 3 layered cotton Fabric Face mask using special anti- microbial filter fabric which provides more than 95 percent protection from virus and dust particulate. The team of talented young men with single parent had lost all hope and purpose with the clamping of lockdown. We set up sewing machines and taught them to fabricate masks easy way. Skilfully handcrafted, these masks are now being made in beautiful colourful prints and designs. Continuous production has helped to rehabilitate a chain of workers,
empowering their lives and bringing them back in the mainstream of economic activity. For them, 'Seher' initiative which dawned in June 2020, gave them a new beginning and a new start during tough times. Masks made under Seher - A New Beginning brand are available in Archie stores across India.

Face Masks made by "Seher - A New Beginning" brand are now available in all Archies Store

From hawkers who have been provided push carts to setting up Seher Grocery Store. From providing e-rickshaw to establishing units of Community Stitching Centers, we are not only supporting with seed investments but are also assisting in marketing and guiding them to think, manage and become independent entrepreneurs.

Growth of a community happens when there is cohesive bonding and harmonious co-existence. The root cause of all acrimony and differences arise with financial burden,envy or less education. As part of our mentoring focus, we provide awareness about government's beneficiary schemes, and support for girl education through enrolment in 'Ladli Scheme', Delhi.

Along with importance of skilling is the need to create platforms for Smart Learning. One of our project in pipeline is to set up Community Computer Coaching Center which would also provide e-learning programme for children.Our healthcare and well being have become a household concern all over. Access to immediate healthcare in underdeveloped alleys of Delhi remains a challenge mostly because of under qualified neighbourhood practitioners or financial constraints of poor. We are working on setting up a Chemist shop for one such practitioner and arrange his tie-up with reputed medical doctors and specialists for live virtual check up and accurate diagnosis of ailment. This would be a step towards providing e-health services.

Contact: Hena Ahmad | M: +91 9999600622 | E: seher@mpowerconnexions.com